Distance Learning

Swifter, smarter learning across your entire mission.

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AIS combines the most contemporary and innovative graphical, textual and interactivity conventions, courseware, instructional strategies and performance evaluation models with the industry’s finest training development professionals. The result: the highest quality, most flexible and affordable Distance Learning platforms available to military and civilian organizations today.

Front End Analysis

A detailed and highly-collaborative process that defines a training program’s baseline while creating a work breakdown structure that ensures streamlined, affordable and successful learning.



A courseware design and implementation blueprint that addresses every stage of the instructional program’s development.


Development and Implementation

AIS artists, technical writers, media specialists and courseware programmers assist the instructional designers in creating the various activities as dictated in the design and implementation “blueprint.”


Levels of Interactivity

Passive, Limited Participation, Complex Participation and Real Time Participation. AIS works closely with the customer to carefully align the level of interactivity with learning needs, objective and budget.


Continuous Evaluation

AIS personnel conduct continuous evaluation beginning at implementation of the training and continue throughout the lifecycle of the course.


U.S. Army PM Assured Mobility Systems, Area Mine Clearing Systems (AMCS) MCV 910-2 HYDREMA


Type of Training: Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

Purpose of Training: IMI will support New Equipment Training, sustainment training, and collective training for the AMCS system, also known as Medium Flail. The system is fielded to Area Clearance Platoons in the Army Reserves and National Guard in support of Area Clearance units. The Area Clearance Platoon will provide the Joint Force and Army with a safer mine clearing capability, while increasing the clearing capability from approximately 80 square meters per platoon per day to between 2000 to 3000.

U.S. Army PM Combat Training Instrumentation Systems, Home Station Instrumentation Training Systems (HITS)


Type of Training: Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI)

Purpose of Training: Familiarize users with the components, setup, troubleshooting, and operation of the Home Instrumentation Training System (HITS).

Also included a training support package (TSP) including a program of instruction, lesson plans, practical exercises, train-the-trainer materials, and instructor and student guides.