About Us

We provide the most qualified personnel, coupled with the highest quality and best price solutions to deliver longest lasting value for all of our customers.

Since 2010, Akima Infrastructure Services (AIS) Staff Augmentation Services has specialized in obtaining hard-to-find, highly-skilled personnel for the Department of Energy Management and Operating (M&O) prime contractors. These services include sourcing and hiring full time, part time, exempt and non-exempt personnel to fill cleared and un-cleared positions on very short notice. Skill sets recruited include advanced science, nuclear engineering, business and computational professionals and general plant and logistical services.


AIS also provides state of the art, real world focused and most affordable and flexible Distance Learning platforms to military and civilian organizations utilizing the latest technologies and instructional platforms. We keep careful track of changing global developments and adjust our solutions to stay current with customer requirements.


AIS Marks More Than 1 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Incident

AIS recently hit a remarkable milestone that reinforces the effectiveness of the company’s safety-first culture. The AIS team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) surpassed 1 million hours worked with no lost time due to incidents. The company continues to reinforce its safety first culture and has worked over 1.1 million hours with no lost time incidents as of this publication.

This accomplishment is made more impressive by the wide range of working environments and shifts manned, and the corresponding potential hazards faced, by the AIS team. AIS provides over six hundred employees, about a tenth of the Laboratory’s total workforce, including scientists, engineers, designers, custodians, mail handlers, machinists, and couriers. The AIS team also includes nearly a dozen developmentally disabled adults who serve as custodians, bicycle repair technicians, and material handlers.

AIS credits the safety milestone to a total team effort. The staff on-site at the Laboratory work hand-in-hand with the project management office and laboratory technical evaluators to address any and all issues that may arise. This approach includes immediate analysis of any “near miss” incidents to refine preventative measures and ergonomics training for office and field personnel to mitigate the potential for physical injuries. AIS and the Laboratory offer ongoing classroom, OJT, and web-based training courses through the Lab’s electronic central database to make sure that the best precautions are taken throughout the workplace. Topical safety notices, lessons learned, and a periodic safety newsletter are readily shared via AIS employee webpage postings and e-mail distribution.

“The AIS team at LLNL consists of highly skilled and dedicated individuals who have all displayed a great deal of commitment to safety, security, quality, and efficiency. I am very proud of the AIS organization and its most recent accomplishment!” said Darryl D. Gorman, CSP, CPEA; Environmental, Safety, & Health Manager for the National Ignition Facility and Photon Science Directorate.

AIS provides staff augmentation services for federal agencies and specializes in recruiting, interviewing, and screening supplemental labor to ensure they will support and advance clients’ missions. The positions comprise both exempt and nonexempt job classifications, many of which are highly technical and require individuals with advanced degrees and significant research and development experience. AIS is responsible for managing and retaining large diverse workforces within the confines of a classified and/or sensitive work environment.

U.S. Department of Energy Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Services

AIS was awarded the supplemental labor personnel (SLP) services contract at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in May 2010. This award of a substantial 5-year contract (with an additional 5-year option) represents a significant competitive achievement for the Akima, LLC family of companies.

Services include managing and recruiting supplemental labor at LLNL, which comprises exempt and non-exempt job classifications, many of which are highly technical and require individuals with advanced degrees and significant research and development experience. AIS serves the many LLNL directorates by effectively recruiting, managing, and retaining a large, diverse workforce, all within the confines of a classified and/or sensitive work environment. Interestingly, while most positions are of a scientific or administrative nature, AIS supports LLNL’s initiative and fulfills the laboratory’s significant goals for employing developmentally disabled individuals.

Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)

AIS supports our Sandia Corporation customer with contract associates (CA) on an on-call, as needed basis. CAs perform both classified and unclassified work at primary and leased Sandia National Laboratories locations.  Services include managing and recruiting, filling requirements for both exempt and non-exempt job classifications, and onboarding of personnel.  AIS employs a highly-diverse workforce across multiple SNL directorates.

U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEO STRI)

AIS currently supports PEO STRI through the computer-based instructional design (CBID) indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract and multiple associated task orders. PEO STRI business area requirements include design, development, and evaluation of courseware and interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) using accepted instructional system design (ISD) standards; design, installation, and implementation of automated electronic classrooms (AEC); and training task analysis. AIS meets these requirements by working with the following agencies to fulfill training and education needs:

  • Product Manager – Joint Automatic Identification Technology (PM-JAIT).
  • Project Manager Night Vision/Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (PM-NV/RSTA).
  • Product Manager Radars (PM Radars).
  • Headquarters Air Education and Training Command (HQ AETC).
  • Product Manager Crew Served Weapons (PM CSW).
  • Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO).

Military Personnel Services Support

AIS supports close to 100,000 military personnel, retirees, family members, government service personnel, and contractors located on and off Fort Gordon, GA. The AIS team issues over 40,000 identification cards per year, maintains personnel records in an automated database, produces promotion orders for soldiers, processes passport applications for soldiers and family members, provides personnel automation assistance and training on automated systems to all assigned units, serves as the installation system administrators for the eMILPO database, processes transition and retirement actions, and coordinates soldiers’ mobilization and demobilization processing. Understandably, all these tasks require a very high degree of accuracy, leaving no room for error.

An Alaska Native Corporation

AIS is an Alaska Native-owned Corporation. We are a wholly-owned subsidiary Akima, which provides us a mature foundation of infrastructure and common infrastructure services, like HR, Recruiting, Finance, Accounting and more. This infrastructure enables AIS to operate as a small business in terms of autonomy, customer interaction and decision making, while receiving support from an organization with more than 40 years of experience.

AIS positions itself for prime contracts as a successful and extremely stable company while bringing 100% SB credits when engaged as a subcontractor.